Friday, October 24, 2008

Tomorrow? Maybe. Nah. Who cares! Of how Apache and througptut Speed changed our lives

Well, yes I admit it, definitively I've been not posting for four days now!

So today I had to do with Apache and PHP. Nice. Installed and configured. Easy. No big problem. Just the fact that the eAccelerator had a version misallignement.

But the real problem is : How do you test for throughput performance?
Well, you take a VERY big file, and send it with the application that is under test and register how long it takes. It's that easy. Ok, this is really not hard at all. BUT. What if you need to test the maximum throughput? How do you know you got it? You don't have a clue about how the application handles the streaming : buffered - unbuffered / paged - unpaged / UDP / TCP; and also, you don't know at which rate the network influences the transfer.

So all you can do is going by hypoteses, in the end. UNLESS you can have a look at the source code. Bleh :P.

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