Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello World!

Well, first post ever in my closet..Pretty empty to be honest, but anyway! I hope to make it full soon with alot of usefull (or crappy perhaps) information. First of all, I thought about getting a quick introduction on what will be posted here. But then I realized this would take much more time than I am willing to give to this place. So I camed up with what could be seen as a compromise:

givign the maximum of information with the minimum timing effort.

There. Cool ha?
Now, without starting any long explanations on what this exactly means (and thus avoiding wasting prrresssious time), let me clarify, in here I'm going to post whenever I feel like:

  1. something good deserves to be posted here
  2. something intresting deserves to be posted
  3. some big news related to my (small) world requires to be spammed
  4. I am victim of one of those occasional "pre-sleep" brainstorms, which boost your (my in this case) immagination over the limits, provided I remember what I was brainstormed with the day after when I wake up.

So. A nice short list of crap to start with eh?

But seriously, what I have been thinking to post in here in the next days is a (somehow) detailed
howto for handling Cruisecontrol, as the ones I found are extremely incomplete (as so is the official website). Where I work we base everything on CruiseControl. But that's another story now.

And already, time flies! >_<


God I hope I remember my blog's address tomorrow... ^^;

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