Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Of Man, Snakes and Cosmologic Balls

Or, in the correct form, "how to get nosetests to do what you want".

Yes well, yesterday that was like rushed. Programs changed on the fly and I had to switch to system testing because of the release that is planned for today.
BUT! Now I am back on nosetests, did you miss me? I really hope you did not!

So, where did we left off? Oh yes, we found out that nosetests and nosexunit are actually correctly installed and recognized.

Just to recap, the problem is relative to nosetest's output in xml format (which is supplied via the nosexunit plugin).
For instance, a command line which produces that kind of behaviour looks like that :

nosetests --sysloghost=localhost --with-nosexunit --xml-report-folder=report testunit


  • localhost is the output folder for the nosexunit reports
  • testunit is the unit which nosetests will search for test* routines
  • report is the ip address (or name) of the syslog daemon host

So now the questions are as follows:

  1. how many files does nosexunit produce
  2. in what xml structure
At the moment I can't answer any of those, because nosexunit doesn't actually get me any output. And this seems due to the fact that nosetest "traces" the output only for test suites, not for single test cases. Clearly this is not the case, we have other test cases which work flawlessy and produce an excellent XML - formatted output thanks to nosexunit.
So what's wrong? Hard to tell. Luckily NoseXUnit comes with full source code, and I have some spare time left. So let's have a look.

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