Friday, October 10, 2008

Closets & Dropped Surface Code

I just realized..This is actually what it's named after: a closet. In a closet you throw things that you don't need anymore. Or that you don't need that much right now, but you want to keep it somewhere, because you feel one day you may see a use for it.
Just imagine :
"Where did you put my hammer honey?"
"In the closet, baby".

Exactly, that's the way to go.

So like all the closets I'm gonna throw in all those small things that I get in my hands and just need a place to lay down. But then, this is not a closet but a BLOG. You know what blog stands for - do you. Binary LOG? I think that is the correct answer. Google it if you don't feel like it.

There are two things that mind me right now :
  • How do I keep my closet tighted up - as in, how do I keep it clean and organized (for those things that may evolve in future from the crap I throw in here)
  • How do I organize my posting / closet trashing?
The first one is pertinent if I throw in concepts that show evolution and might in fact turn out to be intresting.
The second sounds alot similar to the first one but refers actually to my own action of "doing" (as in "logging") the information. With what frequence? Any standard format to make it more surfable? Any idea on fast-composing it so I don't waste too much time on that thing in that particular day?

Like, for an example, the concept of "bidimensional code" that was busted through my mind and robbed me of my sleep some evenings ago. Topic which I suppose will label my BLOG as a n3rd blob, but honestly, who gives a shit about it? If you are reading here, that means you are a nerd already. Accept the reality and try to make something good out of it.

The meanings of "bidimensional code" is pertinent if you think of some code being defined by a sequence of operations (which it always has been), each of it can be associated to a specific graphical form (or image - who's the l00ser that said clipart?).

Well, what's so special about that?
The answer is : I don't know. But I will try to find out. Probably. If it ever happens, that is.
The only usefullness I could really come up with about bidimensional code (as in code's operations associated biunivocally to images) could be the possibility of a PC to recognize "written" code, along with the logical connection that inheritely is buried within the structure that results from the composition of the single operation-images.

This is sick, I know. But what do you expect? It's a closet.

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