Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sailfish OS : dev mode of Other half / Jolla & Win 7

Developer mode under Windows 7 might not work as expected.
Reason for it seems to be Win7 host ip configuration to be not usable.
Fix for this is easy.
First, configure developer mode on the jPhone:
1) enable dev mode
2) set password
3) optional: set ip address for usb connectivity

Then configure Win7 host:
1) connect your jPhone with usb to the Win7
2) from the pc, open network & sharing center
3) select "Change adapter settings"
4) open the adapter labeled with "Remote NDIS based Internet sharing device"
5) go to properties
6) select entry  for IP V4
7) enter a static ip (in the same subnet of the phone). So if your phone has (default), you can put for example
8) set phone ip address as gateway & dns entries as well.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sailfish OS vs N9 sync

So finally!
Sailfish OS in hand, happy me!
But! How to sync all data from n9?
Easy, four steps:
1) connect both phones via bluetooth
2) from n9, once devices are paired, go to "Settings" -> "Sync and backup"
3) select sync
From here you can select your Jolla phone, and by clicking on it you can define what to sync.
4) configure sync

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sailfish development : application templates missing

It so happened that upgrading to the latest Sailfish Alpha release broke my QtCreator templates.
Symptom of this manifested in missing project templates for Sailfish applications. Exactly the same issue that is mentioned here . Luckily, removing   ~/SailfishOSAlpha2 directory fixed the problem.