Thursday, November 27, 2008

JMX-HTTP + MBeans exploration = STRUTS-enabled CC

So now I found this nifty JMX-HTTP adapter, which enables for an HTML view of MBeans interface's! Victoly! You would say, BUT! the application doesn*t seem to work as it should.
It's STRUTS-based, and makes use of custom tag libraries. It came as a WAR file, so I had to extract it (no problem at all) to the CC server. Now, when I navigate to the site, I get the following error :
Failed to load or instantiate TagExtraInfo class: com.cj.string.StringVariable

Where is the problem, you might ask - good question. The problem is of course in Cruisecontrol : it comes with its own JMX server. Now, the CC control panel is based on MBeans. We can then assume that CC's JMX server has NOT support for STRUTS.
So what I could try to do is to enable the STRUTS on the CC JMX server; which I don't know if it is actually possible, so I will first of all try to gather more information about the CC webserver.

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