Monday, November 24, 2008

Information Radiator #4 - The deeps of EJB's

Who the hell uses EJBs anyway.
I mean, we have Webservices. They handle things so well. Why oh why use EJBs..Bah.

Anyway, having thrown away the idea of direct accessing webpages from the IR, I will do so by fetching them from specific PHP adapter pages. This approach has two main positive things:

a) security is (probably) more manageable
b) Collecting information and then displaying it in my own page and own style is always nice

So there is this page that we want to have, which should display in a very simple way the status of the current running Cruise Control projects. Not considering the fact that we have three different CruiseControl servers in here, I am currently researching how to obtain the status of the single projects through the bean interface. Easier said than done, I never used beans since University, and even there they only mentioned them vaguely (yes really!).

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