Saturday, September 19, 2015

XDG VS SailfishOS

During development of Quickbar, I happened to stumble upon a small issue related to XDG and mime types. This same issue has been raised over at tjc forums lately, so I got inspired and restarted digging.

The problem : lookup of mime types seem to fail relentlessy; opening files with xdg-open as of now (release opens Documents application, no matter which file is actually opened. "So what", you might ask, "where's the problem, apps on SailfishOS rely on QT. We can open anything we want with QDesktopServices::openUrl". Unfortunately, qt internally (and QDesktopServices::openUrl more specifically) relies on xdg-open. So to investigate this, I followed the xdg-mime trace given in the comments of the tjc post.

On SailfishOS xdg tools refer to mimeapps.list for storing mime type associations; xdg scripts come from the package xdg-utils (in case of mer 1.1.0-rc3, keep in mind this version number cause it's the cause of all evil). This is a weird part, but everything is still correct here; this was quite misleading for a long time, as I believed the problem to be mimeapps.list being used as DEFAULT even outside KDE envs; that held until I stumbled on this post in the freedesktop mailing list, which claims that defaults.list has been declared deprecated and superseded by mimeapps.list. In fact, the specification does not happen mention defaults.list at all anymore. The same issue is raised in different environments as well, for example on  this post of the lxde group
 From the same LXDE group post, it seems  the latest and greatest (yet unreleased) version of xdg on the master contains a fix for this. issue.

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