Thursday, March 12, 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 rocks! mount.cifs not so much..

I got this new toy yesterday and i L-O-V-E it!

One problem tho.
I also have a B+ model, which I used to run owncloud server (plus other sensors servers).
Having collected a decent ammount of data from my sensor network already, I wanted to keep it.
So i upgraded from RPi B+ to RPi2 following instructions on the RPi website.
This went fine & smooth, altho the owncloud server could not anymore connect to the backend NAS (which is used to store all the data).
Symptom of the failure was error -13 upon mounting. Which I figured should translate "in password being wrong" (at least in my case). A few tries with different users (defined on the NAS) didnt give expected results, until I realized to check the version of cifs. Which on the RPi2 is 5.5, and on the nas is 5.1.
Well, it appears the reason for it is that the default security mode of cifs has changed. It used to be ntlm, but it is not anymore - although in the documentation it clearly states it:
 Â·   ntlm Use NTLM password hashing (default)
The above is what comes out of the mount.cifs man page.
Forcing the sec to ntlm in the samba options of the mount solves the issue.

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