Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sailfish OS vs N9 sync

So finally!
Sailfish OS in hand, happy me!
But! How to sync all data from n9?
Easy, four steps:
1) connect both phones via bluetooth
2) from n9, once devices are paired, go to "Settings" -> "Sync and backup"
3) select sync
From here you can select your Jolla phone, and by clicking on it you can define what to sync.
4) configure sync


Peter Antoniac said...

Isn't that 4 steps then?

okatt said...

Wouldn't it be easier to pair both Phones via NFC.

Tone Kastlunger said...

True to that it's 4 steps ;)
@okatt : didnt consider it via NFC. Should try tho!

kleuter nul said...

Would this allso work for a E71?

Tone Kastlunger said...

Unfortunately I do not own a E71, so I cannot say. If you feel confident, you can give it a go.