Sunday, July 21, 2013

SailfishOS under Win7 and user's home restriction

So I have been hanging out in Jolla's waters lately.
SailfishOS comes packaged with two virtual machnes (running under Virtual Box);
one for the building tools
one for the emulator

Problem is by default the building tools vm requires projects to be placed under the user's home directory. Under Win7, that directory is C:\users\<username>;
in this folder, the installer will generate a .scratchbox2 folder, which configures (as the name says) sb2. This location is shared to the Virtual machine via VB's shared folders.
These can be relocated (whilst the machine is powered off) from the VM's configuration.

  1. Start Oracle Virtual Box
  2. Make sure MerSDK VM is powered off
  3. Open Settings page for MerSDK
  4. Select the "Shared folders" on the right
  5. Change the location of the "home" share to your wanted folder
  6. The new share will automatically be named as the same folder you just chose in step 5, rename it to "home"
Now you would think this to be enough; but whilst the machine will run fine in this setup, all your sb2 targets will be gone. Luckily copying the .scratchbox2 subfolder found in the original location (C:\users\<username>) to the new one fixes this issue.

So full steam ahead, yer scummy sea guls! No more excuses to soak the deck with your lazy ass'es swet anymore! Arr!

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