Friday, January 18, 2013

LinkStation ROCKS!

So it happens I am starting to have some code laying around.
On my laptop. From 2007. Commercial code.
So I figured it is time to get a decent safety solution.
At work, we used this LinkStation Duo (or something) from Buffalo.
I was quite impressed, because once you get into it, it is almost a fully-fledged linux system.
So yeah, armed with the good experience earned on the LinkStation Duo I decided to go for a similar box,
and was lucky enough to hear from a colleague that he was selling this LinkStation LS-WXL.
I did not miss the chance, picked it up, brought it home, installed it, and worked my way into it.
It took some time, but thanks to the good articles over @ Buffalo NAS-central it was more or less straightforward.
So, I have hot source, and need a place to store it. Did I say SVN?
Piece of cake!
By following this link now I have a fully-fledged NAS running SVN :). Worktime? 1 hour! :)

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