Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meego playtime #1 : libconic0

Network-aware apps on N9 usually are QT based.
But what if you want to, let's say, port an existing ubuntu package to work on the N9, say, pptp?
You have two choices:
a) you rely on QT and recode the pptp package to work on QT
b) you walk on your own legs.

I think everyone agrees on option b) being the smarter one. So let's walk!

What options do we have outside of Qt? There is an option, according to nokia development lib! It is called libconic0! How to use it? Example is here.

libconic0 has a few limitations. Namely:
  1. use non-blocking sockets
  2. have the system D-Bus running
  3. g_type_init() has to be called
  4. employ no threading support in the Libconic API  
To test the app, you can use scratchbox'es meego-run tool.

For that, you will need Xephir. See this..

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