Thursday, December 29, 2011

esxi 5.0 - love it or hate it

I love it. Come on, you have to.
It's free (for two cpu's up to 6 cores each and 96 GB of RAM)!
It's easier than Esxi 4.0 (service management included)!
AND it is missing rsync - just like the previous versions. Well, that is the only downside.

Esxi 5.0 changed a bit the way of customizing the barebone hypervisor. No more oem.tgz (which was a pain anyway), welcome .vib's (which hurts even more).

SSH enabling for an example, is now easily done through the ESXi vSphere client (from the Security profile panel). The key management changed a bit tho.
The /.ssh directory is no more; instead, ssh can easily be configured from the


location. More specifically, certificates stored in the


file allows for "freedom of connectivity" for certified hosts. Easy!

If on one side vSphere client has alot of new features for easing your virtual manager life (service enabling / disabling), some things still are missing - like the rsync for example.

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